About Us

Waff Contracting, Inc. is a licensed contractor for commercial and industrial work, specializing in pile driving and marine construction. Waff Contracting was incorporated in July 1980 but the construction background extends to the early 1950s. That’s when four Waff brothers started Waff Bros., Inc. Paul Edsel Waff, Jr. was the owner and President until April 2018. Now in the third generation, Cameron Paul Waff and Stephanie Waff, President, are the owners of Waff Contracting, Inc.

Waff Contracting has successfully completed projects for numerous contractors, private firms, and municipalities. We continue to work for these clients by the fact that we have established company- wide training programs that combine safety, work coordination and cooperative attitudes. We respond as a dedicated team, with the ability to provide a client with any level of help from site assessment through final contracts. We take pride in being able to make proactive rather than reactive responses to the job’s requirements.

Edsel, Edward, Alvin, Maurice, and John Waff

Waff Bros., Incorporated

Paul, son of Edsel, a second generation owner

Edsel, one of the original owners